4 Tips for Saving Money on Road Trips

Toyota RAV4 | Mishawaka, IN

If you’re considering an end-of-summer road trip but want to keep to a strict budget while on the road, there are several things you can do to save money while still enjoying a memorable adventure with your family or friends. Here are a few money-saving tips courtesy of your friends at Jordan Toyota

Travel With Friends

Rather than going it alone, pack a few of your besties into your RAV4 and hit the road. When you travel with multiple people, you can split the cost of gas, lodging, and meals between all of you, which means you’ll all save money.

Stick To Your Budget

Determine how much money you can spend each day on meals, entertainment, and lodging, and make sure you stick to it. Keep a spreadsheet where you can log your expenses; you can easily do this on the road using an app like Google Sheets.

Stay Close To Home

Sure, your Highlander can travel great distances, but you’ll save a lot of money if you stick close to home. Rather than traveling to places where you need to stay overnight and eat out for most meals, consider planning a series of family-friendly day trips so you can sleep at home and pack lunches to save money. Look for attractions like museums, zoos, and hiking hotspots that your whole family will enjoy.

Pack Your Snacks

Gas station snacks can be tempting, but by bringing your own you’ll save money and can plan to eat more healthfully.

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Tips for Taking a Zero-Waste Road Trip

Woman and Dog on Road Trip | MIshawaka, IN

Budding environmentalists look for ways to reduce their impact on the delicate ecosystem of our beloved planet in every way possible. If you and your eco-buddies are looking to shirk the environmentally-detrimental airline industry taking outdoor adventures this fall, here are some strategies for taking a zero-waste road trip.

  1. Smart snacking: One of the highlights of any road trip is passing around delicious snacks while singing your favorite songs. Unfortunately, those gas station treats are typically packaged in single-use plastic. Pack your own snacks in reusable containers before you leave home to save money and minimize waste.
  2. Keep it hygienic: If you’re going to be on the road for multiple days, you’re probably going to need to bathe if you plan on having any companions on your trip. Rather than spending a ton of money on plastic-intensive travel-size toiletries or using the ones in your hotel, buy reusable travel-size containers. Better yet, if airline ounce limits aren’t an issue, bring full-size versions to reduce the chance of leaks.
  3. Fuel efficiency: Road trips typically require a lot of fuel, especially if your current vehicle has low gas mileage. Rent an affordable, fuel-efficient vehicle like a Prius from Jordan Toyota to save money on fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

Start preparing for your zero-waste journey by calling Jordan Toyota’s service department to schedule a maintenance appointment. It’s an easy way to make sure your vehicle is healthy and safe for your upcoming trip.

Our Favorite Small Businesses in Mishawaka, IN

Chocolate Candy | Mishawaka, IN

In this global time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to give back to the local businesses that make our small community great. Below, the team at Jordan Toyota has highlighted some of our favorite small businesses in Mishawaka, IN.

Practically Perfect: Bargain hunters and antique lovers alike will fall for Practically Perfect, a thrift store specializing in home décor and furnishings. The shop, located in Town & Country Shopping Center here in Mishawaka, IN, features a number of booths offering different wares to meet every style. Visit Practically Perfect today for all your vintage design inspiration.

The Prized Pig: If you thought delicious barbeque was only available in the deep South, you’ll be pleased as a pig in mud to learn that Mishawaka’s own Prized Pig restaurant is serving up delicious, authentic brisket, ribs, and wings on the daily. On top of scrumptious meat treats, The Prized Pig also offers homestyle sides like mac & cheese, corn bread, and baked beans.

Sanaa Chocolates: Looking for a treat to bring to a housewarming or on a first date? Sanaa Chocolates on Miracle Lane in Mishawaka offers gorgeous handcrafted confections to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you are interested in their chocolate turtles, bonbons, or peanut butter cups, Sanaa Chocolates has something for everyone.

Jordan Toyota is proud to be a part of the Mishawaka small business community. Remember to call us for your vehicular needs as we transition into a new season of driving this fall.

2020 Indiana Bucket List

Washington Park Zoo Entrance | Mishawaka, IN

Indiana is a great state to live in. We love living and working here in the Midwest and the great diversity of people who call this place home. If you are looking for ways to get to know Indiana better, here are some great Bucket List items to check off your list.

Jackson Home

If you love the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson, head west to Gary to visit their childhood home. Sadly, you can’t tour the house’s interior, but you can share some special thoughts about the Jacksons on the landmark’s memory board.

Michigan City

Beautiful Michigan City is home to the Washington Park Zoo. Not only does this zoo have a spectacular collection of animals from all around the world, it also has some interesting historical buildings. While you’re in town, make sure to check out the restored pipe organ at St. Paul Lutheran Church.

Toyota Visitors Center

If you are willing to make the drive, head to Princeton to explore the Toyota Visitors Center. Here you can learn all about how Toyota makes their vehicles to increase your appreciation for the brand’s production practices and models.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame

When there is not a race going on, you can learn about some of the most famous racers and car at the Hall of Fame Museum. It’s a rewarding stop that any gearhead should add to their Indiana itinerary.

Jordan Toyota wishes you and yours a safe and healthy rest of the summer. Remember to call us for any vehicular questions you have or to schedule a seasonal service appointment for your Toyota model. 

Our Favorite Northern Indiana Restaurants for Takeout

Seafood Gumbo | Mishawaka, IN

Hungry for something that’s different from what you can cook up at home? Here are three Northern Indiana restaurants that offer a diverse range of culinary delights.

Chicory Cafe

The Chicory Cafe is Mishawaka’s source for delectable New Orleans-inspired cuisine. If you’re hungry for a shrimp po boy, seafood gumbo, or some hearty cornbread, you can’t beat the Chicory Cafe. Luckily, your cravings don’t have to go unanswered in these uncertain times — this fine establishment offers both takeout and delivery options.

Caracas Bistro

Craving something a little special? Check out the Caracas Bistro, which dishes up Venezuelan street food. This eatery offers famous shredded beef empanadas, cheese-stuffed breadsticks called Tequenos, all sorts of sandwiches, and even tasty desserts. Best of all, the Caracas Bistro offers both takeout and delivery!

Sunny’s Korean Restaurant

Sunny’s Korean Restaurant is a family business that’s dishing up delicious, authentic cuisine for the past 28 years. With a menu that includes gluten-free and vegetarian options, you can’t go wrong by choosing Sunny’s. Just keep in mind that Sunny’s is only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, the restaurant offers contactless takeout and delivery through DoorDash.

At Jordan Toyota, we’re proud to be northern Indiana’s premier Toyota dealership. Call us for more recommendations on where to find yummy eats near Mishawaka — or if you have any questions about car care this summer.