Mistakes to Avoid As A New Car Owner in Mishawaka, IN

2021 Toyota 4Runner | Mishawaka, IN

It is exciting to take ownership of a new or pre-owned car for the first time — but it’s also overwhelming. The following are a few common new car owner mistakes you will want to avoid to save yourself some money and heartache.

Missing the signs

Parking in restricted areas will at best get you a ticket and at worst have you scrambling to locate your vehicle at the impound lot. Either way, you’ll waste a lot of money if you don’t pay attention to parking restrictions.

Slacking on maintenance

Keeping your car running well and for as long as possible should be your focus. Regular maintenance like oil changes, air filter replacements, wiper replacements, and the tasks outlined in your owner’s manual will help keep your vehicle in tiptop shape.

Forgetting tire checks

Your tires best connect you to the road when they are free of damage, sport substantial thread, and are properly inflated. To make sure your tires are always in the best condition, practice regular checks.

Neglecting the exterior

Car washes have benefits that go beyond making your vehicle sparkle in the sun. Washes rinse away dirt and debris that can eat away at the paint and undercarriage.

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